Yessep 2

«Yessep 2» IS

The information system "YESSEP2" is intended for automation of accounting and payroll processes, which implies the automation of the maintenance of primary documents and the formation of reports of analytical accounting, keeping records of transactions on the organization's settlement accounts, settlements with suppliers, customers, settlements with social insurance funds and Etc., calculations of depreciation of inventories and fixed assets, accounting for the issuance of wages to employees, payment of sick leave and tax As well as the formation of certificates, keeping records of cash transactions on the settlement accounts of the organization.

The use of the system increases the effectiveness of management and significantly contributes to improving the quality of accounting.

System functions

  • Inventory management: capitalization, transfer, reporting in the form of memorial warrants, turnover-balance sheets;
  • Summary of the balance sheet: reporting forms for displaying data on capital movements between accounts for the specified reporting period;
  • Accounting for banking operations: accounting for receipts to accounts and deductions from the accounts of the organization, as well as reporting;
  • Accounting for cash transactions: accounting of receipts to accounts and deductions from accounts of the organization's cash departments, as well as reporting;
  • Management of fixed assets: capitalization, movement, calculation of depreciation, reporting in the form of memorial warrants, turnover balance sheets
  • Payroll accounting: payroll calculation to employees of the company, based on the data specified by the responsible user in the time sheets, as well as orders for additional payments and deductions for employees, generation of reports on the flow of funds between accounts, the formation of individual certificates of income and deductions of employees;
  • Administration: database management, connection management, user management.

The result of the application of the system

Automated accounting allows the company's accounting department to solve the entire range of tasks facing it in the operational time and obtain the results of all accounting operations on paper and electronic media (in the form of an electronic database formed in the "Debit + ESEP" information system) in the form of such reports as:

  • Memorial warrants;
  • Expense reports;
  • Turnover statements;
  • Payment statements;
  • Statement of balances;
  • Postings on accounts;
  • Calculation of depreciation;
  • Inventory ;
  • Warehouse accounting cards;
  • Inventory cards;
  • References;
  • Express inquiries;
  • Incoming cash orders.