09.06.2022 10:23

Nurlybek Rakhmetov was appointed Chairman of E-Finance Center JSC by resolution of the Board of Directors.


15.04.2022 18:11

Научно-производственный центр трансфузиологии приглашает доноров крови

Протокол №1 заседания Комиссии

13.01.2022 12:21

Протокол №1 заседания Комиссии по определению информационных систем электронных магазинов на соответствие требованиям к электронному магазину для осуществления государственных закупок способом через электронный магазин акционерного общества АО «Центр Электронных финансов».

The acceptance of applications

11.01.2022 16:43

​E-Finance Center JSC, within the framework of the implementation of the norms of the "Law on Public Procurement" and "Rules on Public Procurement", informs about the acceptance of applications from the owners of information systems of electronic stores to determine the information systems of electronic stores for compliance with the requirements for an electronic store for public procurement through an electronic store.


06.05.2021 17:19

Согласно внесению изменений и дополнений от 3 мая 2021 года к постановлению Главного государственного санитарного врача Республики Казахстан от 23 октября 2020 года № 59 «О дальнейшем усилении мер по предупреждению заболеваний коронавирусной инфекцией в пунктах пропуска на государственной границе Республики Казахстан» сотрудники, не вакцинированные против COVID-19 и не болевшие COVID-19 в течение последних 6 месяцев, переводятся на дистанционный формат работы, за исключением работников, исполнение обязанностей которых невозможно в дистанционном формате.

Engineering works

16.10.2020 17:37

We would like to inform you that unscheduled technical work will be carried out at the Electronic Finance Center JSC on October 17, 2020 from 13:00:00 to 14:00:00 hours, agreed with the system administrator of the RSU "Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan" in connection with which Web - the public procurement portal of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be unavailable.

ATTENTION! Transfer of purchases!

11.09.2020 18:41

We inform you that preventive work will be carried out at the Electronic Finance Center JSC from 00:00 on September 12, 2020 to 23:59:59 on September 13, 2020, in connection with which the Web portal of public procurement of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be unavailable.


26.03.2020 09:27

We hereby inform you that from March 1, 2020, if it is necessary to add information on the work performed for the previous 10 years (not including the current year), work experience must be sent to the Treasury Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan for approval via the public procurement web portal.

Providing applications through the electronic wallet!

26.03.2020 09:26

According to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Public Procurement" (hereinafter referred to as the ZRK About Civil Law) and the Rules of Public Procurement (hereinafter referred to as the Rules), from January 1, 2019, securing an application for participation in procurement by means of a tender (Art. 117-1 of the Rules), auction (art. 25 of the ZRK O GZ, p. 311-317-2), request for price proposals (subparagraph 3. p. 9 of article 38 of the ZRK O GZ, p. 45-1 - 45-8 Of the Rules) is entered in one of the following ways:

Financial stability!

26.03.2020 09:25

We would like to inform you that from March 1, 2020, works, the cost of which exceeds twenty thousand times the monthly calculation index established for the corresponding financial year by the law on the republican budget, can only be carried out using the "Competition with preliminary qualification selection" method.

Implementation of the functional in accordance with the order of the minister of finance of the republic of kazakhstan of may 31, 2019 no. 521

26.03.2020 09:16

We hereby inform you that from February 28, 2020 the functionality of the Purchase module has been updated in terms of adding features:

Joint statement of the ALE TSARKA and JSC CEF

13.12.2019 18:15

TSARKA and CEF, regarding early publications on the security of the public procurement portal, report the following: