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Календарь корпоративных событий на 2022 год


Стратегический план развития Общества

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Изменения и дополнения в Устав от 29.04.2020г

Corporate events calendar for 2021

Prospectus for the issue of announced shares

Amendments to the Charter of the E-Finance Center Joint Stock Company, approved by Order of the First Vice Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated April 25, 2019 No. 395

Certificate of state re-registration of a legal entity dated May 13, 2019

Amendment to the Prospectus

Risk Management Policy of E-Finance Center JSC

Regulations on Corporate Secretary

Regulations on Board of Directors of E-Finance Center JSC

Corporate Governance Code of E-Finance Center JSC

Regulations on Management Board

Code of Business Conduct of E-Finance Center JSC

Charter of E-Finance Center JSC