On the discussion of the Anti-Corruption Standard of E-Finance Center JSC

In accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 10 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Combating Corruption” dated November 18, 2015 No. 410-V ЗРК (hereinafter - the Law), subjects of the quasi-public sector develop Anti-corruption standards with public participation.

The procedure for the development of Anti-Corruption Standards is defined by the Methodological Recommendations for the Development of Anti-Corruption Standards, approved by the Agency for Civil Service Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Anti-Corruption (hereinafter - Methodological Recommendations).

According to paragraph 8-9 of the Methodological Recommendations, Anti-Corruption Standards are developed with public participation, which can be ensured by posting the Anti-Corruption Standard project on the Company's Internet resource for collecting proposals and comments to it.

In this regard, we ask you to review the draft Anti-Corruption Standard and, if available, submit proposals and comments before March 18, 2019.


12.03.2019 14:31