Providing applications through the electronic wallet!

According to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Public Procurement" (hereinafter referred to as the ZRK About Civil Law) and the Rules of Public Procurement (hereinafter referred to as the Rules), from January 1, 2019, securing an application for participation in procurement by means of a tender (Art. 117-1 of the Rules), auction (art. 25 of the ZRK O GZ, p. 311-317-2), request for price proposals (subparagraph 3. p. 9 of article 38 of the ZRK O GZ, p. 45-1 - 45-8 Of the Rules) is entered in one of the following ways:

1) money in the electronic wallet of a potential supplier;

2) a bank guarantee provided in the form of an electronic document. We also note that in connection with the amendments made to the ZRK About the Civil Law and the Rules, the Customer, when creating an agreement with the second applicant or when terminating the contract for the following reasons, will need to fill out an application for withholding the application security on the website of the Civil Law (if the supplier provided the application security in the form of money, from an electronic wallet).

Reasons for retention of the application security:

1) a potential supplier, determined by the winner of the tender, evaded the conclusion of a public procurement contract

2) the winner of the tender, having entered into a public procurement contract, did not fulfill or improperly fulfilled, including untimely fulfilled, the requirements established by the tender documentation on the entry and (or) the deadlines for making the security for the execution of the public procurement contract.

26.03.2020 09:26