Formation and improvement of financing plans

«Formation and improvement of financing plans» IS

During the process of budget execution, the individual financing plan is the main document of the state institution, which is formed in the form of an individual plan for obligations, an individual payment plan in accordance with the functional and economic classification of expenditures. Amendments and additions to financing plans are made in cases and within the limits provided by the legislation. The "Formation and improvement of financing plans" information system allows to implement the process of creating financing plans and making amendments to the approved plan automatically, without errors and miscalculations.

System functions

The system is designed to automate the process of drafting, approving, making amendments the plans for financing budget programs (subprograms) for the obligations and payments of public institutions, administrators of budget programs and a composite financing plan.

The result of the application of the system

  • optimal management of the process of drafting, approving and making amendments to the individual and composite financing plan at all levels of its formation in accordance with the current budget legislation;
  • increase the speed of making amendments to the individual and composite financing plan and the corresponding changes in the financing plans for liabilities and payments of the PI and ABP.