State planning information system
State Planning
Information System
(Budget Planning)


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State Planning Information System (Budget Planning). System short name: SPIS. The purpose of the System is to provide information support for the activities of the authorized body for budget planning and the creation of an effective mechanism to facilitate the solution of tasks in the field of budget planning, in particular:

1. Formation:

  • of the budget application for current and development programs for the coming three-year period by administrators of budget programs (ABP), including their territorial units;
  • staffing forecasts for a three-year planning period;
  • revenue of the Republican budget;
  • limits on expenses and limits on new initiatives and bringing to each public authority;
  • conclusions of the Working Body on the ABP budget programs and the preparation of materials for the meeting of the Republican Budget Commission (RBC);
  • conclusions of RBC;
  • reference information (RI) according to the unified budget classification (UBC); external directories and classifiers of “E-MinFin” IAIS, as well as coefficients and standards necessary for calculating the costs of each public authority;
  • analytical and regulatory reporting;

2. Consolidation of data entered on the budget application and staffing forecast at higher levels of the system hierarchy: Committee and ABP

3. The process of reviewing and agreeing on budget application data at each level of the system hierarchy using the EDS of the National Certification Authority

4. The process of review and approval of classifiers between structural divisions of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan responsible for maintaining and approving the UBC

5. Analysis of data on income and expenses for the formation of the draft Law on the Republican Budget and drafting of preliminary reports