on accepting applications to attract potential suppliers as co-executors for the fulfillment of the state assignment

The Joint Stock Company "Center for Electronic Commerce" (hereinafter - the Company) in pursuance of the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 6, 2016 No. 775 "On the implementation of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan" оn the Republican Budget for 2017-2019" is accepting applications from potential suppliers to attract as co-executors in order to fulfill the state task to ensure the functioning of information systems in the field of public finance for 2017:

1) Information system of state planning.

Place and deadline for accepting applications at the address: 010000, Astana, Abai Ave., 13, office 1309, until 15.00 on November 22, 2017.

1. Requirements for registration and submission of applications by potential suppliers

1.1. The application is submitted on paper and is a form of expressing the consent of a potential supplier applying for the provision of services in accordance with the requirements and conditions stipulated by the Technical Specification of services, as well as the consent of a potential supplier to receive information about him, confirming compliance with the qualification requirements.

1.2. The application must contain:

1) documents in hard copy, signed and stamped, submitted by a potential supplier in confirmation of its compliance with the qualification requirements:

- price offer of a potential supplier with a description of the term of the services provided;

- copies of contracts, acts of acceptance and transfer of work performed, other documents confirming the right of a potential supplier to provide services on information systems for 3 years, certified by the seal and signature of the potential supplier;

- a list of employees of a potential supplier for the provision of information systems services, with a copy of diplomas, certificates, certificates, etc.;

2) a technical specification describing the functional, technical, quality and performance characteristics of the services provided.

1.3. An application prepared by a potential supplier, as well as all correspondence and documents regarding the application are drawn up and submitted in Russian, submitted in a numbered and laced form, sealed.

2. Procedure for submitting an application

2.1. A potential supplier's application is automatically rejected if the application is submitted after the deadline for accepting applications has expired.

2.2. The price offer of a potential supplier must be expressed in tenge, including VAT.

3. Consideration of applications

3.1. The application with the attached materials within 2 (two) working days from the end of the deadline for their submission is submitted for consideration by the commission for the selection of suppliers for the fulfillment of the state task.

3.2. When considering the application (applications), the commission is determined with the choice of a potential supplier, based on the requirements established by the technical specification of services and the acceptability of the offered price.

3.3. Information on the decisions taken on the considered applications is posted on the corporate website of the Company.


1) Draft contract for the provision of services;

2) Technical specification of services.

Based on the results of consideration of the application (applications), the commission decided on the choice of a potential supplier, based on the requirements established by the technical specification of services and the acceptability of the offered price. You can get acquainted with the breakdown of the meeting of the commission here ...

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