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Treasury - Client




The "Treasury-Client" Information System ( TC IS or System) is the information payment system developed for the Treasury Committee of the Ministry of Finance to ensure adequate budget execution together with effective and efficient management of financial funds of the Government. The system has 3 tiers to assure smooth financial flows between government institutions, the National Bank of the Republic Kazakhstan and banking system. Clients of TC IS are government institutions, i.e. administrators of budget programs, and quasi-government institutions and organizations.

TC IS has been developed .


The main purpose of TC is to provide a reliable and stable payment system that allows to ensure smooth financial flows between its clients-users of the TC. The System is an integral part of the Information Integrated Treasury System.


  • to ensure effective and efficient management of financial funds of the Government and control of budget execution;
  • to decrease time on provision of public services to ensure customer satisfaction;
  • to ensure effective public finance;
  • to control over the state of electronic documents submitted by government agencies to the Treasury;


As of 2019, 13 992 state institutions, including 457 entities of the quasi-public sector, 81 entities of public procurement, and 1073 local administrations are connected to Treasury-Client Information System.

In real time, about 40,000 active users carry out operations in the Treasury Information System, of which 54 124 open users who carry out procedures for crediting and spending state budget funds.

Facts: As of September 01, 2019, the number of processed (paid) financial documents through "Treasury - Client" IS makes:
43 845 844 accounts payable;
37 615 operations in foreign currency;
2 197 481 applications for registration of civil law transactions;
880 402 plans and references of corrections;
6 898 applications on external loans and co-financing;
594 874 payment orders;
332 179 payment orders of subjects of the quasi-public sector;
1 456 payment orders of subjects of public procurement.

An average, 50 thousand payments are daily made from the Kazakhstan Center for Interbank Settlements and an average of 40-50 thousand payments are made to the budget. At the end of the month, these figures double, as during this period, the main payments are made by state institutions (wages, benefits, taxes and other).

Since the main task of the TC IS is the timely conduct of financial transactions, even in the face of increasing load on the system's performance, the Treasury - Customer IS provides an opportunity for joint work in a single information environment of the Treasury Committee. In the self-service mode, state institutions fill out electronic forms of documents. After verification, approval and approval, these documents are automatically available in the integrated information system of the Treasury.

Thanks to the "Treasury - Client" IS:

  • the speed of servicing of public institutions has been increased;
  • administrative barriers have been decreased;
  • the "human factor" has been minimized;
  • paper consumption has been reduced
  • the temporary and transport costs of government institutions has also declined.


In order to exclude the re-entry of electronic documents in public institutions, integration with the subsystem "Accounting", "Budget application" of the "e-MINFIN" IAIS was implemented.

In 2016, the integration of the "Treasury - Customer" Information System with the "Electronic Public Procurement" Automated Integrated Information System ("EPP” AIIS ) was put into trial operation.

Integration of "EPP” AIIS with the information system "Treasury - Customer" allowed to structure data on each transaction made in the framework of public procurement and to ensure prompt receipt of data on payments under contracts. Thus, it is greatly expanded the opportunities for the analysis of transactions.

Integration with the Information system for the receipt and processing of electronic invoices, and the "Centralized unified personal account” Information System (CUPA IS of the Tax Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan)" allows you to promptly accept invoices with EI IS and payment orders with CUPA IS for execution in the Treasury.

Providing reliable and timely financial information to government authorities for decision-making, the Treasury information system is the basis for effective management of public finances.

The Treasury - Customer IS will ensure control over the implementation of budgetary procedures at all budget levels and stages of the budget process, including local budgets and executive bodies.


The system is in commercial operation
"Treasury - client" the system of electronic document circulation was put into trial operation in the pilot zone.
The upgraded version of the "Treasury-Client" information system was launched into trial operation.

The upgraded version of the "Treasury-Client" information system, developed on the basis of the ORACLE software, covering the whole country and having a centralized architecture for storing and processing information, was launched into trial operation.

It is the central part in the form of a modern solution based on the hardware and software platforms of leading vendors and the client part in the form of user workstations with a standard set of software.

The system underwent a modernization phase

7 more business processes were implemented (Payment Order, Application for registration of Civil transactions, Plans and certificates, Conducting operations in foreign currency, Application for the input of the supplier, Signature of EDS forms, Authentication and registration of a new user) and the module "Reporting".

"Treasury - client" Information system was developed

The system automated the functions of the Treasury for the receipt and processing of financial documents provided by customers, as well as the functions for issuing reports to customers electronically.